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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Donna Corn Maze 2010

Did I cross his path or he mine???

"Dead Farm" scary corn maze @ night , ya not a chance !

zoo peeps mauled by......

a calf????

You too can paint a pumpkin, for a fee.......that is if your
not allowed to play with sharp objects ;)

Yep, looked like a giant kitty litter pan only it was
filled with whole corn insted of litter.

Com'on Ashley.....its just a two story slide - watch!

.............with speed bumps!!!

"and the race is on....." Ashley (in the green) tear'n around
the corner with Emma (in the brown) in hot pursuit on
her 6..........wait, where is Allie?, two, three - step.

Allie, thats not the calf that thought your fingers were

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